Workflow:Providing access to born digital material

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Providing access to born digital material
Organisation:The Postal Museum

Workflow Description[edit]

Decision tree for access

Purpose, Context and Content[edit]

Decision tree to inform the provision of access to born digital content. The process includes how we will respond to requests from the creating bodies for the archive, and requests from members of the public. This workflow has not been tested or implemented yet.


Further Information[edit]

Internal or external

Internal refers to members of Royal Mail, Post Office Limited, or The Postal Museum staff making the enquiry in conjunction with their employment. It may also refer to third parties (for example PR agencies or legal representatives) carrying out work on behalf of one of the above organisations.

Sensitivity of the material-if the material is confidential or strictly confidential permission should be sought from the relevant businesses Departmental Record Officer to make it available. Please use some discretion and consult the Senior Archivist if in doubt.

Please bear in mind these checks are only required if the material requested is not yet open. If the material would be open to the public there is no need to verify the status of the enquirer.

Retention of access copies

Access copies will be retained for 6 months from the date of the enquiry and then deleted, including from the recycle bin. This allows time for follow up requests, but ensures careful management of space of the server. Additionally access copies for records which are not yet open will need careful access permissions (in line with those for the preservation copies plus the enquirer) until deletion.

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