Contribute your workflow to COW

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Contributing to COW is easy, but if you'd like to follow an example watch this video. When you're ready to start, follow these tips:

  1. Check out one or two existing workflows first
  2. Keep your workflow descriptions clean and concise. Text only is fine, but you are welcome to add a diagram. We recommend Yed as used by Bitcurator, or Lucid Chart as used by OSSArcFlow (also see the OOSArcFlow workflow template which is pre-populated with useful workflow symbols. Also see this blog post from Bill LeFurgy on "Visualizing Digital Preservation Workflows". And check out examples as part of the complimentary OSSArcFlow Project and their Guide to Documenting Born-Digital Archival Workflows.
  3. Save an early draft then do a longer edit to avoid loss of your workflow due to login timeouts
  4. Discuss or ask questions about the workflows of others using the respective "Discussion" pages
  5. Be friendly - please treat others with respect
  6. Give us your feedback - let us know how you got on - email paul (at) dpconline (dot) org.

Create a new workflow in COW[edit]

  • Create a new workflow by entering a title below and clicking the button.
  • Keep your title short and meaningful. Include the general purpose of the workflow and the type of digital content it addresses. Eg. "Workflow for ingesting email"
  • Save frequently! Don't worry, once you've saved it you can go back and edit it further.