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Contributing to COPTR is easy, but if you'd like to see how it's done watch this video that explains the process. When you're ready, follow these tips:

  1. Check out one or two existing tool entries first, so you know what to aim for. DROID has a detailed entry on COPTR. Pre-Ingest Tool has a minimal entry (in wiki terms this is known as a stub). As long as a tool has a Purpose (a one sentence description of its function) and has been categorised by content type and function, the COPTR entry will be useful.
  2. Keep COPTR entries concise and factual. User feedback and other subjective comment should go elsewhere (eg. a blog post) and be referenced with a hotlink from the "User Experiences" section.
  3. Avoid time specific language as it will quickly become out of date. For example avoid: "The current version of the tool...", "This is a new tool", "This tool is currently under development". Try instead to be specific and reference a particular tool version and/or date.
  4. Can I add (or update) a tool entry about my own tool in COPTR? Yes - keep it factual, but otherwise that would be very helpful, thanks.

Create a new tool entry in COPTR[edit]

  1. Create a new tool entry by typing it's name into the box
  2. Avoid adding a duplicate entry by first searching for existing entries for the tool you want to add. If there is already an entry, make it better!
  3. The name of a tool entry page should take the form of Acronym (in capitals) and then the full name in brackets. Eg: ACE (Audit Control Environment)
  4. Save early, save often, avoid time outs and loss of your edits!

Thanks for your contribution!