ARK plugin for Omeka

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Generating and resolving ARK identifiers for resources in Omeka
License:CeCILL v2.1 licence, compatible with GNU/GPL
Function:Persistent Identification


Ark & Noid is a plugin for Omeka that relies on a PHP adaptation of NOID to create, manage and resolve ARK identifiers. These ARK identifiers replace the default cool URIs of each record. An ARK identifier is displayed in the record dc:identifier field. A general policy can be displayed by appending the "/policy" qualifier to any ARK.

User Experiences[edit]

This tool is used by the digital library of the French École des Mines ParisTech.

Development Activity[edit]

Ark & Noid has been regularly updated since 2015; its current version (December 2018) is 2.5.2.