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vRenamer is a cross platform tool for batch renaming files
Platforms:Windows, Linux and Mac OS
Function:File Management,Metadata Processing


vRenamer is a mass renamer application written in Java. There is an automatic or manual preview before renaming. It is customizable and flexible with a clean and intuitive interface. Regular expressions are available thoroughly. Advanced tasks can be performed without complex patterns. Actions can be undone by use of logfiles.

User Experiences[edit]

  • Insert, remove, replace, trim, normalize, capitalize, transform, organize in folders…
  • Create new folders from user patterns, so you can easily reorganize pictures, music, etc
  • Rename music files using id3 tags, and write into (mp3, flac, ogg…)
  • Rename picture files using metadata (Camera RAW, JPEG, TIFF, PSD, PNG, BMP, GIF)
  • Search in subfolders with manual or default filter
  • Fix bad enumerations, add padding zeros to numbers in existing filenames
  • Copy or move to other folder instead of renaming
  • Rename from a txt or csv user list

Development Activity[edit]