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The COPTR Bot is a robot account used for importing and checking COPTR content. The source code used is here on GitHub.

Phase 1 - Upload[edit]

At first, COPTR Bot has been used to populate the Wiki based on an Excel spreadsheet that contained the manually normalised and de-duplicated content of the original source registries.

Phase 2 - Projections[edit]

The next goal is to use the structured COPTR data to project summary tables, similar to the POWRR project Tool Grid.

Phase ? - Ideas...[edit]


The next phase should be to periodically scan pages and flag or fix known issues. These may include:

  • Converting old-style H1-level pages down to H2.
  • Updating changes to category names.
  • Checking if the Description is just the same text as the Purpose and flagging the entries to be fixed (using a category as the flag).


And other ideas:

  • Checking the page structure is as expected, and the infobox fields are filled.
  • Checking links are valid.
  • Extracting links to ensure they are in web archives.
  • Adding inline references to web archive holdings.