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SobekCM is a digital repository and digital scholarship/publishing system which enables easy deposit, preservation, and access for all types of digital content, tailored to the needs of galleries, libraries, archives, museums, scholars, and researchers.
License:GNU GPL license


The SobekCM Open Source Software is a software engine with related tools that power many institutional repositories and digital collections, small through large collaborative digital libraries including international collaborative programs like the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), and digital scholarship projects, including Digital Humanities, Data Curation, and more. SobekCM has an active development and user community contributing to further develop tools and resources, as well as a number of current and planned grant projects which add more functionality.

User Experiences

Reviews of SobekCM are available on SobekCM on SourceForge, from the State University Libraries of Florida use SobekCM and the SobekCM METS Editor for archival package preparation to the DAITSS system, and see the select bibliography on the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) which includes reviews of the software and analysis of the system for functional and non-functional requirements.

Development Activity

SobekCM is on GitHub. The University of Florida, a major contributor to SobekCM by a team in the UF Libraries, tracks and reports on recent enhancements and related activities (trainings, webinars, publications and presentations featuring SobekCM, etc.) on the list of recent enhancements].