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A PRONOM based, command line, file format identification tool using Aho Corasick matching and no buffer limits.
License:Apache License 2.0


Siegried is a file format identification tool that, like DROID and Fido, is based on PRONOM. However, it uses a different pattern matching algorithm that offers different strengths and weaknesses to those other PRONOM based tools. A detailed description of the tool and why it was created can be found in this blog post. Besides, there is a more detailed description in terms of functionality on the Github Page of Siegfried.

Siegfried was first publicly released the 28th february 2014 in version 0.1.

User Experiences

  • ZBW:
    • The command line tool is very easy to handle.
      The default output is yaml. This can be changed to csv or json.
      • Usual command: sf file.ext (will output in yaml)
      • Change output to csv: sf -csv file.ext
      • Change output to json: sf -json file.ext
    • It is also possible to save the output in an external file:
      • sf file.ext >output.yml
      • sf -csv file.ext >output.csv
      • sf -json file.ext >output.json

Development Activity

All development activity is visible on GitHub:

Release Feed

Below the last 3 release feeds:

2023-06-02 08:41:49
[,2008:Repository/17277958/v1.11.0-rc5 Version 1.11.0-rc5]
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2023-05-31 11:05:26
[,2008:Repository/17277958/v1.11.0-rc4 v1.11.0-rc4]
by richardlehane
2023-05-31 10:37:16
[,2008:Repository/17277958/v1.11.0-rc3 v1.11.0-rc3]
by richardlehane

Activity Feed

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