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Preservica is a complete OAIS Digital Preservation system available on the cloud (hosted in US, EU, CA or AUS) and on premise (Standard and Enterprise versions). It is trusted by over 50 organisations across 4 continents to preserve collections both large (>6Pb) and small (few 100kb)
Function:Preservation System
Appears in COW:Ingesting assets and associated metadata into Preservica


Key features include:

  • Ingest: local tool to create SIPs and attach metadata and transfer to server; range of workflows to upload container files : ZIP files, DSpace, ContentDM or SharePoint exports, Outlook or Lotus Notes email files, or by taking a copy of a website; full QA of content plus running DROID and property extraction
  • Data Management: Edit metadata using whatever descriptive schema you want e.g. Dublin Core, METS, EAD, etc; sync with catalogs e.g. CALM or via OAI-PMH; delete content using approval workflow.
  • Administration: Create users, set roles, set access rules to content at fine grain; maintain transfer agreements; produce reports; sync with ActiveDirectory (on premise only)
  • Access: Browse, search and download files and records using powerful interface. Separate public access interface for content with appropriate permissions.
  • Storage: Large range of storage adapters including NAS / File Server, HSM, Centera, Atmos, S3, Glacier, SFTP; will manage multiple storage locations and copy to remote locations asynchronously; maintains metadata and index information; can set interval to check fixity
  • Active Preservation: over 600 migration pathways installed; performs bulk migrations using background workflows then verifies using comparison of properties.
  • API Access: All versions have an OAI-PMH data provider API and API for accessing metadata and content. Enterprise versions have a read/write REST API and a process control API.


  • Cloud versions available hosted in EC, US, Canada and Australia
  • Enterprise Private Cloud versions for running on a Preservica hosted and supported private cloud
  • Enterprise versions for install in your own data centre
  • Enterprise version allows development of complete solutions including your own workflows for all functions and a vast range of hosting options

User Experiences

Development Activity

Main release annually, around 4 minor releases per year

Latest 5.10 release information :