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Preservica offers a digital preservation option that stores and maintains the files you would like to preserve. It uses cloud based storage and allows users to interface through web broswers.
Appears in COW:Ingesting assets and associated metadata into Preservica


Key features include:

Ingest : local tool to create SIPs and attached metadata and transfer to server; range of workflows to upload ZIP files, DSpace export, or by taking a copy of a website; full QA of content plus running DROID and property extraction

Data Management : Edit metadata using whatever descriptive schema you want e.g. Dublin Core, METS, EAD, etc; sync with catalogs e.g. CALM or via OAI-PMH; delete content using approval workflow.

Administration : Create users, set roles, set access rules to content at fine grain; maintain transfer agreements; produce reports

Access : Browse, search and download files and records using powerful interface.

Storage : Cloud version holds content in S3 plus maintains metadata and index information; can set interval to check fixity; will manage multiple storage locations

Active Preservation : 300 migration pathways installed; performs bulk migrations using background workflows then verifies using comparison of properties.

Versions: Cloud version available hosted in either EC or US; local version for install in your own data centre; full version allows development of complete solutions including your own workflows for all functions and a vast range of hosting options.

User Experiences

Development Activity

News blog: http://preservica.com/category/news/

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