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A tool that captures, stores, plays-back and provides a new URL for web citation. Built and maintained at the Harvard Law School Library.
Source Code:
License:Open source, shared via GitHub
Platforms:Platform agnostic, runs via web browser
Output Formats:WARC
Function:Personal Archiving,Citation and Impact Tracking
Content type:Web


Perma creates high fidelity web captures on demand for the specific goal of preserving citations. When a user creates a Perma record, captures the referenced web content and generates a new link to a playback of the archived record. The record will always be available through the link and is displayed in an iFrame including time and date of capture as well as a path to the live page. Records are stored by the Harvard Law School Library and a consortium of partner institutions. differs from traditional web crawlers, capturing content that allows for a high fidelity replay of a given webpage so that users see and interact with a website the way they would have with the live site. It also provides a user interface for account holders to organize and manage their links. Institutional accounts allow for shared foldering. Free for academic institutions and courts. Individual users can create 10 links per month for free. Paid individual accounts and commercial subscriptions available for access to unlimited link creation by non-academic affiliates.

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Development Activity[edit]

All development activity can be seen on GitHub: