PET (PERICLES Extraction Tool)

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A tool to capture contextual information in a sheer curation scenario
License:Apache 2


The PERICLES Extraction Tool (PET) is an open source (Apache 2 licensed) Java software for the extraction of significant information from the environment where digital objects are created and modified. This information supports object use and reuse, e.g. for a better long-term preservation of data.For the main part of the metadata extraction PET uses Apache TIKA and some other moduls which are:

  • CPU specification snapshot
  • CPU usage monitoring
  • Calculate file checksum
  • Create custom executable command (file dependent)
  • Create custom executable command (file independent)
  • Directory Monitor Module
  • FQDN
  • File identification
  • File store information (java.nio.file)
  • File store information (sigar)
  • File system information snapshot
  • Google chrome opened tabs monitoring
  • Graphic System properties snapshot
  • Graphic card information module
  • Installed software snapshot
  • Java installation information snapshot
  • LSOF use monitor
  • List of network interfaces
  • Log expression grep
  • MediaInfoCommand
  • Memory monitoring
  • Network information
  • OS X Spotlight Command module
  • Office document dependencies
  • Operating System properties snapshot
  • PDF Font dependencies
  • Posix file information monitoring
  • Process parameter
  • Process statistics monitoring
  • Regex text search
  • Screenshot module
  • System resources snapshot
  • System swap monitoring
  • TCP statistics monitoring
  • Uptime
  • Who (user, host, device, time)
  • Windows Handle monitoring daemon
  • XML xPath expression

The Tool was developed entirely for the PERICLES EU project by Fabio Corubolo, University of Liverpool, and Anna Eggers, Göttingen State and University Library.

A more detailed description can be found in this blog post.

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Release Feed

2016-01-21 15:01:34
[,2008:Repository/22834235/1.2.1 Version 1.2.1 - Updated libraries]
by corubolo
2016-01-21 10:45:52
[,2008:Repository/22834235/1.2 1.2]
by anna-g-arbeiter
2015-01-29 16:11:29
[,2008:Repository/22834235/1.1.1 Version 1.1.1]
by corubolo
2015-01-26 16:29:01
[,2008:Repository/22834235/1.1 Bugfix release]
by corubolo
2014-10-30 09:37:26
[,2008:Repository/22834235/1.0 First binary release of PET tool]
by corubolo