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(Trial import from script.)
(Trial import from script.)
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= Development Activity =
= Development Activity =
=== Release Feed ===
Link to any RSS feed that is updated when new releases occur, if any, e.g:
<rss max=7>http://sourceforge.net/api/file/index/project-id/XXXX/mtime/desc/limit/20/rss</rss>
=== Activity Feed ===
Link to any RSS feed that is updated when issue or code updates occur, if any, e.g:
<rss max=7>https://github.com/blackducksw/ohcount/commits/master.atom</rss>

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Analyses plain text files, looking for code (scripting languages etc.)
License:GNU General Public License Version 2


A summary of the tool, focussing on aspects useful for digital preservation.

User Experiences

Development Activity