Minimum Preservation Tool

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[[Image:MPT horizontal no logo.png|100px|Minimum Preservation Tool]]
The Minimum Preservation Tool (MPT) can be used to create an interim preservation storage environment for files awaiting preservation in a longer term repository solution. It supports checksum generation, fixity checking, and replication across two or more storage nodes.
Function:Fixity Verification,Preservation System


The MPT was designed to make use of existing network storage and compute resources available at most institutions. It is intended to provide greater protection to digital content than a standard network storage offering. The key differences between an MPT solution and standard network storage are replication of content across two or more storage “nodes” and regular fixity checking (checksum validation) of all files on all nodes to help ensure content remains authentic and unchanged.

User Experiences

Introduction to the MPT

Development Activity - Main site - Experimental MPT user interface from @anjacks0n