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|Wikidata ID=Q1931564
|Wikidata ID=Q1931564
|File formats wiki ID=Ext:mdb
|File formats wiki ID=Ext:mdb
|PRONOM PUID=x-fmt/66, x-fmt/240, x-fmt/241, x-fmt/238, x-fmt/239

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File formats wiki:formats:Ext:mdb
PRONOM PUID:x-fmt/66, x-fmt/240, x-fmt/241, x-fmt/238, x-fmt/239

Tools that have this format as input[edit]

MDB/ACCDB ViewerMDB Viewer opens Microsoft Access 1997-2013 databases on your Macintosh, and views and exports all tables in Access databases.

Tools that have this format as output[edit]

No tools have been registered with this format as output