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|purpose=Open Source OCR system forked from ocropus
|purpose=Open Source turn-key OCR system forked from ocropus
|license=Apache 2.0 License
|license=Apache 2.0 License

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Open Source turn-key OCR system forked from ocropus
License:Apache 2.0 License


kraken is a turn-key OCR system forked from ocropus. It is intended to rectify a number of issues while preserving (mostly) functional equivalence.

main features:

  • Script detection and multi-script recognition support
  • Right-to-Left, BiDi, and Top-to-Bottom script support
  • ALTO, abbyXML, and hOCR output
  • Word bounding boxes and character cuts
  • Public repository of model files
  • Lightweight model files
  • Variable recognition network architectures

All functionality not pertaining to OCR and prerequisite steps has been removed, i.e. no more error rate measuring, etc.

User Experiences

Development Activity

Commits : https://github.com/mittagessen/kraken/commits

Issues : https://github.com/mittagessen/kraken/issues