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== Release Feed ==
== Release Feed ==
<rss max=5>http://openplanets.github.io/jpylyzer/rss.atom</rss>
<rss max=5>http://openplanets.github.io/jpylyzer/atom.xml</rss>
== Activity Feed==
== Activity Feed==
<rss max=5>https://github.com/openplanets/jpylyzer/commits/master.atom</rss>
<rss max=5>https://github.com/openplanets/jpylyzer/commits/master.atom</rss>

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JP2 validation + properties extraction
License:GNU Lesser



JP2 (JPEG 2000 Part 1) validator and properties extractor. Jpylyzer was specifically created to check that a JP2 file really conforms to the format's specifications. Additionally jpylyzer extracts technical characteristics of a JP2 image.

See also: A prototype JP2 validator and properties extractor.

Successor to Jp2StructCheck.

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Development Activity

Release Feed

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Activity Feed

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