Guidelines for contributing to COPTR

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  • Keep COPTR entries concise and factual. User feedback and other comment should go elsewhere (eg. a blog post) and be referenced with a hotlink.
  • Avoid time specific language as it will quickly become out of date. For example avoid: "The current version of the tool...", "This is a new tool", "This tool is currently under development". Try instead to be specific and reference a specific tool version and/or date.
  • Choose categories (tags) for a new tool page carefully. Make use of existing categories and avoid adding lots of unnecessary tags.
  • Search carefully for existing entries before adding a new tool entry. Ensure you don't add a duplicate entry by first searching for existing entries for the tool you want to add. If there is already an entry, make it better!
  • Please don't change the structure of your new tool entry, as this will damage export from COPTR. If you have feedback on the existing structure, please let us know.


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