FIDO (Format Identification for Digital Objects)

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FIDO (Format Identification for Digital Objects)
A PRONOM based, command line, file format identification tool written in Python
License:Apache 2.0 Open Source License
Function:Metadata Extraction,File Format Identification


FIDO (Format Identification for Digital Objects) is a simple format identification CLI tool for digital objects that uses PRONOM signatures converted to regular expressions. The functionality of FIDO is similar to DROID (Digital Record Object Identification) without the GUI.

FIDO is free, Apache 2.0 licensed, easy to install, and runs on any platform with Python installed. Most importantly, FIDO is very fast.

FIDO utilizes all available PRONOM signatures to identify digital objects. When an object can not be identified it will try to identify the object based on extension.

FIDO outputs results in CSV format by default. Available output fields can be formatted on runtime per the requirements of the user.

FIDO supports custom signatures which are not (yet) available through the PRONOM registry.

FIDO is able to identify container based (compound) formats such as Office documents and includes functionality to update PRONOM signatures.

FIDOO is webpage based service that acts as a simple to use front end to FIDO.


FIDO was originally developed in 2010 by Adam Farquhar of British Library. The tool has been adopted by the Open Preservation Foundation in 2011 and is currently maintained by Maurice de Rooij of the National Archives of the Netherlands (NANETH). In October 2011 NANETH has succesfully implemented FIDO as a webservice in the Dutch e-Depot.


See roadmap


Feedback about FIDO is very welcome. Please consult Getting Started with the OPF for more information.

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