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{{Infobox tool
{{Infobox tool
|purpose=Creates and edits SIPs
|purpose=Creates and edits SIPs

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Creates and edits SIPs
Platforms:Windows, Mac, Linux
Content type:METS


With docuteam packer, you can create and edit information packages (SIPs/DIPs) that are conforming to the Matterhorn METS profile. Content can be added from your file system. For certain file types, a preview is available. Technical/administratie metadata is automatically collected and stored in PREMIS. Descriptive metadata is stored in EAD, the display in the GUI is configurable.

User Experiences

  • SIPs created by docuteam packer can be processed by docuteam feeder which does the proper ingest process
  • The distribution can be bundled with the required JRE

Development Activity