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= Development Activity =
= Development Activity =
|ohloh_id=Digital Preservation Software Platform

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The DPSP is a collection of four software applications which support the goal of digital preservation.
License:GNU General Public License v3


The Digital Preservation Software Platform (DPSP) is free and open source software developed by the [National Archives of Australia|http://naa.gov.au/]. The DPSP is a collection of software applications which support the goal of digital preservation.{color}

The DPSP comprises:{color} ===

  • [Xena|http://xena.sourceforge.net/] Xena stands for XML Electronic Normalising for Archives. Xena converts digital files to standards based, open formats. ===
  • [Digital Preservation Recorder (DPR)|http://dpr.sourceforge.net/] DPR handles bulk preservation of digital files via an automated workflow. ===
  • [Manifest Maker|http://manifestmaker.sourceforge.net/] Manifest Maker produces a tab-separated list of digital files in a specified location. The manifest includes the checksum, path and filename of each digital file.

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Development Activity