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Store, Preserve and publish 3D objects produced in Digital Humanities Research
Source Code:
Platforms:Gitlab Huma-Num
Language:French, English
Input Formats:JP2, JPEG, PDF, PLY, PNG, TIFF, xml
Output Formats:xml
Function:Active Data Storage,Data capture and Deposit,Managing Active Research Data,Storage
Content type:3D,Image,Metadata,Research Data
Appears in COW:How to preserve your 3D data with the French National 3D Repository?, Long Term Archiving at the CINES

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The French National 3D Data Repository (aka CND3D) is an intitutionnal repository to preserve 3D data produced in Digital Humanities Research.
It allows to publish 3D data with thanks to a DOI. The tool is used to make a deposit of 3D objects. It allows creation of collection of 3D objects with persistent link to be used in other sites.

Videos Demonstration

Demonstration Link
Video 1: main functionalities
Video 2: Semantic enrichment

User Experiences

Nearly 40 depositing entities had been registred in the CND3D.
More than 400 deposit are stored in the CND3D containing 1400 3D objects.