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===Documentation and user support===
===Documentation and user support===
[http://www.examhttps://github.com/peshkira/c3po/wiki/Usage-Guideple.com C3PO Usage Guide]
[https://github.com/peshkira/c3po/wiki/Usage-Guide C3PO Usage Guide]
= User Experiences =
= User Experiences =

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C3PO is a content profiling tool for visualization and preservation analysis
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C3PO (Clever, Crafty, Content Profiling of Objects) is a software tool, which uses meta data extracted from files of a digital collection as input to generate a profile of the content set. It is designed in a way so that different meta data formats originating from different tools can be easily integrated. Currently it supports FITS meta data and Apache TIKA metadata.

C3PO helps managers of digital collections get a better understanding of their collection by analyzing data and providing analysis and visualization of the content. C3PO has the ability to aggregate and combine metadata across collections, generate a profile of the content, and use FITS or Apache TIKA metadata. C3PO integrates easily with Plato for preservation planning purposes and with Scout for monitoring preservation risks.

C3PO requires Java 1.6, MongoDB 2.0.5 or higher (64 bit), and optional use of FITS.

C3PO was developed by Petar Petrov as part of the SCAPE project. This tool is licensed on APACHE2 and runs on Java command line binaries as well as a Web interface.

Documentation and user support

C3PO Usage Guide

User Experiences

Development Activity

Release Feed

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