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A reporting companion to Siegfried
License:MIT License
Platforms:Linux, macOS, OS X



Brunnhilde runs Siegfried against a specified directory or disk image, loads the results into a sqlite3 database, and queries the database to generate reports to aid in triage, arrangement, and description of digital archives. The program will also check for viruses unless specified otherwise, and will optionally run bulk_extractor against the given source. Reports include CSVs, a tree, and a human-readable HTML summary of the directory or disk image. All outputs are placed into a new directory named after the identifier passed to Brunnhilde as the last argument. Brunnhilde is also capable of exporting files from logical disk images utilizing many file systems, including HFS+.

Dependencies include Python (tested in 2.7 and 3.5), Siegfried, ClamAV, bulk_extractor, Sleuth Kit, and HFSExplorer. Nearly all dependencies already installed and compiled in Bitcurator.

A GUI wrapper for Brunnhilde is available at the Brunnhilde GUI Github repo.

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