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ArchiveFacebook is a Firefox extension which allows individuals to save and manage Facebook web content.
License:Mozilla Public License 1.1
Platforms:Mozilla Firefox


[edit] Description

ArchiveFacebook is a Firefox extension, which helps you to save web pages from Facebook and easily manage them. Save content from Facebook directly to your hard drive and view them exactly the same way you currently view them on Facebook. It was created in June 2015.

[edit] Provider

Carlton Northern and Mat Kelly at Old Dominion University

[edit] Licensing and cost

Mozilla Public License 1.1

[edit] Platform and interoperability

Mozilla Firefox

[edit] Documentation and user support

Basic usage notes (and add-on download) are available from the Mozilla add-on page for ArchiveFacebook.

[edit] User Experiences

[edit] Development Activity

All development activity is visible on GitHub:

[edit] Activity Feed

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Mailing List(s)

See here for more information.


Chlara (29.4%), Nullhandle (70.6%)