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To add a tool to COPTR, type it's name into the box and make sure you follow the guidelines below. Thanks for your contribution!

  • Ensure you don't add a duplicate entry by first searching for existing entries for the tool you want to add. If there is already an entry, make it better!
  • The name of a tool entry page should take the form of Acronym (in capitals) and then the full name in brackets. Eg: ACE (Audit Control Environment)
  • Keep COPTR entries concise and factual. User feedback and other subjective comment should go elsewhere (eg. a blog post) and be referenced with a hotlink from the "User Experiences" section.
  • Avoid time specific language as it will quickly become out of date. For example avoid: "The current version of the tool...", "This is a new tool", "This tool is currently under development". Try instead to be specific and reference a particular tool version and/or date.
  • Save early, save often, avoid time outs and loss of your edits!
  • Can I add (or update) a tool entry about my own tool in COPTR? Yes - keep it factual, but otherwise that would be very helpful, thanks.