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COPTR is a wiki based registry of digital preservation tools. It's main aim is to help practitioners discover preservation tools that will help them tackle particular preservation challenges. It can be browsed and searched directly by practitioners, or queried by other systems via an API.

Each tool in COPTR is categorised by the Lifecycle Stage it falls within, the (sub) Function it performs and by the Content Type that it operates on. For example, EpubCheck performs the Function Validation and operates on EBook Content. COPTR can help by enabling you to browse to tools that meet a particular need - perhaps relating to a specific Content Type or Function.

COPTR also holds digital preservation workflows.

Getting involved

Check out this wish list of tools to add to COPTR.


The following arrangements are in place to ensure the sustainability of COPTR:

  • Hosting is kindly provided by the OPF.
  • Content is provided and maintained by you, the community! DPC, DDHN and POWRR have been active in coordinating and implementing maintenance and editathons.
  • Regular data dumps are provided to NDIIPP and arrangements are in place to provide a route to future hosting should OPF be unable to continue to provide this service.

Technical stuff

Contact, feedback and questions

Contact Paul Wheatley or Andy Jackson, or even better contribute feedback on Main page/discussion.