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TreeSizeFile Management
Manage disk space and scan your hard disks.
UKWA Access APIPersistent Identification
Web archives access API
VRenamerFile Management
Metadata Processing
vRenamer is a cross platform tool for batch renaming files
Warc-proxyFile Management
Warc-proxy is a simple tool to view WARC content in Firefox
WarcManagerFile Management
Web Capture
The WARC Manager is a web-based UI for managing and querying collections of web crawl data.
WebCiteCitation and Impact Tracking
Persistent Identification
Web Capture
WebCite is an on-demand web archiving service that takes snapshots of Internet-accessible digital objects at the behest of users, storing the data on their own servers and assigning unique identifiers to those instances of the material.
File Management
A visual tool for differencing and merging of file collections, images and texts.
XArchManaging Active Research DataXArch is an archive management system that allows one to create, populate, and query archives of multiple database versions.