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Enables conversion between database formats or dumping from live database systems for the purposes of preservation.
License:LGPL v3
Platforms:Platform independent - Java


[edit] Description

The Database Preservation Toolkit allows conversion between Database formats, including connection to live systems, for purposes of digitally preserving databases. The toolkit allows conversion of live or backed-up databases into preservation formats such as DBML, an XML format created for the purpose of database preservation. The toolkit also allows conversion of the preservation formats back into live systems to allow the full functionality of databases. For example, it supports a specialized export into MySQL, optimized for PhpMyAdmin, so the database can be fully experimented using a web interface.

At the current version (1.0.0) the following database management systems import/export modules are supported:

  • MySQL
  • MS SQL Server
  • MS Access
  • Oracle (untested)
  • PostreSQL
  • DBML (Database Markup Language)

Additionally it is possible to export a database management system to a specific database SQL using the following export modules:

  • PostgreSQLFile
  • MySQLFile
  • SQLServerFile
  • GenericSQLFile

More import/export modules are being developed at the current time being DB2 one of them. Besides, it is also being developed the modules to support the SIARD database preservation format formats:SIARD. (2014-03-11)

[edit] User Experiences

[edit] Development Activity

Code is being actively developed at Database Preservation Toolkit GitHub repository and Database Preservation Toolkit GitHub Forked repository.

[edit] Release Feed

Below the last 3 release feeds:

2017-06-22 11:27:09
[tag:github.com,2008:Repository/12726858/2.0.0 db-preservation-toolkit v2.0.0]
by chalkos
2017-05-04 15:57:00
[tag:github.com,2008:Repository/12726858/2.0.0-rc2 db-preservation-toolkit v2.0.0-rc2]
by chalkos
2017-05-02 14:16:36
[tag:github.com,2008:Repository/12726858/2.0.0-rc1 db-preservation-toolkit v2.0.0-rc1]
by chalkos

[edit] Activity Feed

Below the last 5 commits:

2017-06-22 10:56:18
[tag:github.com,2008:Grit::Commit/0efaf3819f4dbc18ed792e0e412a958bacc0e52f bumped version to 2.0.0 (final)]
by chalkos https://github.com/chalkos
2017-06-06 10:27:47
[tag:github.com,2008:Grit::Commit/49997c6340dfbdf3346daf3695ac947a6af6ace5 setting sonarqube.io organization to keeps]
by chalkos https://github.com/chalkos
2017-05-31 17:14:56
[tag:github.com,2008:Grit::Commit/ee848708c7922fcf09319eed27e9857491c93bce improved reporting and getting the correct DBPTK version]
by chalkos https://github.com/chalkos
2017-05-04 15:27:00
[tag:github.com,2008:Grit::Commit/bb6efa86f3401d4cd1a7f31ec66c7037ced2ee1a updated version to rc2]
by chalkos https://github.com/chalkos
2017-05-04 14:06:32
[tag:github.com,2008:Grit::Commit/d0af6ae69ab54fddd1bd90c635ed454c732b03f4 solr: changed lob path to include the database UUID; modules: module …]
by chalkos https://github.com/chalkos


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